Community Volunteers:
Currently a total of 167 regular volunteers are actively involved in a variety of roles across SMHOW. They have contribute around 8,000 hours per year in areas such as the Dining Room, recreation, art classes, hairdressing, collecting food donations and of course our wonderful receptionists who manage to create such a welcoming atmosphere for the people seeking our assistance.

Corporate Volunteers:
We currently have 9 Corporate groups volunteering with us and they volunteer through their Corporate Responsibility Program. These groups have contributed around 400 hours and are keen to get involved in Community BBQs and excursions with our service users.

Service user volunteers:
St Mary’s has a very loyal team of 17 service users who volunteer in many different areas. Whether it’s assisting with the food pick ups, helping out with odd jobs,  serving meals or tending to the ever growing garden in the courtyard, St Mary’s would not be the same without their valued input. These responsibilities have developed skills and confidence which enhance their capacity to undertake future education, training and employment. Our service users love being involved and working alongside our regular volunteers as it gives them a greater sense of ownership of the organisation. Service users volunteered over 3,500 hours of their time over the past year.

School Volunteers:
We currently have 23 schools volunteering throughout the year for their social awareness program. We have also had numerous visits from schools in regional Victoria who bring their students to Melbourne for a week of community engagement. School volunteers have provided over 900 hours of service throughout the past year.

Event volunteers:
At least 140 event volunteers came to help with our major events and fundraising throughout the past year. They have contributed over 2,200 hours and we could not have provided The Big Give Christmas lunch or any of our other events without them.

If you would like further information about becoming a volunteer at St Mary’s, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Jock Allan by email at jock.allan@smhow.org.au or on 03 9417 6497.


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