At Christmas time, we grant wishes.

With your donation, we can grant a wish to all service users at St Mary’s House of Welcome.

Their Christmas wishes are for the simple things, which are actually the most important things: meals, accommodation, and to feel connected to other people.

As a friend of St Mary’s, you can make a difference for disadvantaged people living in our community.


You can grant wishes for meals and food hampers.

St Mary’s House of Welcome is one of the few homeless support services that remains open over the Christmas and New Year period. St Mary’s will need to provide at least 1,800 meals, and more than 200 people will seek crisis support.


You can grant wishes for friendship and belonging.

For people who are living in poverty, and for people who may be isolated from their family and friends due to distance or mental illness, Christmas can be extremely lonely. These people, who would otherwise be alone, visit St Mary’s to share in the spirit of Christmas.


Homeless people are in need of support at all times of year, not just at Christmas.

This year, with your help, St Mary’s is proud to have served over 41,680 meals, provided 6,850 showers, hygiene products and haircuts, and distributed more than 1,330 emergency relief packages. As well as over 1,660 incidences of social work support, St Mary's has continued to provide a safe place for people experiencing homelessness, poverty and mental illness.


As a friend of St Mary’s, you can make Christmas wishes come true.

If you are able to help please donate online at


From all the staff and service users of St Mary’s House of Welcome: thank you for fulfilling our Christmas wish to be a welcoming place to anyone who needs support, practical and caring assistance and a place to feel safe and valued.


Yours sincerely, 

Robina Bradley

Chief Executive Officer

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